Over the past couple weeks I’ve been doing some research about color theory. It really is a fascinating subject and the average person doesn’t realize its power. 

Of course everyone knows the good ol’ color wheel, but there is a lot more to it than that. If you look at websites that have been around for many years and if you can find screenshots of those sites over the years you will be amazed at how they have changed. 

Many companies who sell or have sold high end products use a great deal of purple in their designs. Companies that are trying to instill trust in their customers use blue. Many finance companies use green because Americans associate it with money. Keep in mind though if you are a web designer the green won’t work in another country…unless they too have green money. 

Even more interesting was studying the colors used on the websites of presidential candidates from last year. Some of the older candidates used color schemes similar to that of Facebook and Twitter which conveys that they are trying to connect with younger generations. Most of the candidates used blue in their designs which is often said to convey a sense of trust. Black, while being a color of sorrow and mystery, also is worn to display confidence. It was used on many of the web designs. The color red, often used to represent power, is used confidently on the website of the big man himself. 

It’s amazing to see the power of color and it’s subliminal influence on our minds. While you may think the donkeys and elephants wear red, white, and blue to be patriotic, there’s a little more too it than that. 


~ by Trelane on May 4, 2017.

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