And More Star Trek

It is true. I am a nerd. I like Star Trek.  The truth is that I never would have bought the Star Trek comic Countdown if B. Dalton wouldn’t have been going out of business and had a 40% off sale.

So the biggest problem that most fans had with J.J. Abrams rendition of Star Trek is that it completely destroyed the Trekiverse that Gene Roddenberry originally established back in 1966.  Me being a fan, this was hard for me to swallow at first because this movie changed everything so much.  No more Vulcan, and no more Amanda.  What was up with this whole Spock/Uhura Romantic Chemistry?

So getting back to the point of this blog, what was this Star Trek Countdown comic book all about?  The comic book was designed to bridge the gap between the last of The Next Generation movies and the new film.  It explains how the whole Red Matter technology came about and why it was so important.

Another question fans were wondering is why all the new Romulans were bald and had tattoos all over their faces.  Well the comic explains that too.  We learn why Nero and his crew are so bitter and bloodthirsty towards Humans and Vulcans alike.  It re-establishes Spock’s roll as Federation Ambassador to Romulus and why he is willing to help this savage race.

Most Trekkies would agree that Nemesis didn’t do the last Next Generation any justice.  In fact, most of the cast were willing to do one last movie to clean things up.  With Nemesis’ poor ratings, we know that Paramount would have never provided the funding to do another movie for a dying franchise that would end up making them lose money.  This comic book tied up quite a bit of the loose ends for TNG.  As fans we saw the baton being passed from the original crew to The Next Generation Crew, and then in this book the TNG crew passed back to the originals.

So to wrap it up, if you are one of those people who are just totally obsessed with continuity, you should check out this comic book.  It will put your heart at rest for a lot of things and answer a lot of questions you might have.

My Star Trek Mashup video.


~ by Trelane on December 24, 2009.

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