The job so far…

Well I’ve been working at the FFA training center for about a month now and while I am still new, they will hopefully keep me around for a while.

If your wondering what exactly it is that I do well its a little bit of everything.  My duties include checking people in, checking people out, filling up water stations, unclogging toilets, setting up for meetings, working the front desk (store), filling vending machines and whatever else needs to be done.

So far the job has been enjoyable.  Sometimes it is crazy busy and sometimes it is amazingly boring.  One night working third shift there was a little incident with a room door that wouldn’t open but i think its blown over (fingers crossed). Most of my coworkers are nice but a few of them get on my nerves.  Other than that I like my job.


~ by Trelane on June 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “The job so far…”

  1. Is this a summer deal, or one that you’ll keep a while?

    • Well summer for now but I need to talk to my boss about cutting it down to part time when school picks back up again. I hope your having a great summer Mr. C

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