Star Trek (Spoiler Alert!)

After seeing the movie on its original release date (5/8/’09), and having some time to reflect on it, its time to write a review.

The Cast:

Kirk:  Oh captain my captain.  Chris Pine did a knock-up job taking the baton from good ol’  Shatner.  Just like the original captain Kirk, Pine displayed an array of ego, arrogance, genius, skill and womanizing.  Pine kept the same sense of rebellion but in a more modern way such as his mannerisms, his style of music and his “colorful metaphors”.

Spock:  Played by Zachary Quinto AND Leonard Nimoy.  While this movie was a rendition of the original vision of Gene Roddenberry, the most important element of original series nostalgia was Nimoy’s cameo appearance.  Zachary Quinto played the Green-Blooded Hob-Goblin just as it should have been.

McCoy:  As is the original series, McCoy is my favorite character.  Not only did Karl Urban maintain Deforest Kelly’s sarcasm but he even threw in a “I’m a doctor, not a…” statement.  The best part about this movie is that the actors used the foundational elements of the original characters while still adding unique  and new aspects.

Scotty:  Well he was cool.  Out of all the characters Scotty was my least favorite.  I’m not saying Simon Pegg did a bad job but something about the role wasn’t right.  He was extremely intelligent but at the same time he seemed kind of clumsy and ditsy.

Chekov:  He didn’t look much like the original but he certainly replaced his v’s with w’s.  Chekov was a graduate of Starfleet academy at only age 17? The original Chekov was 22 when he joined the Enterprise.  Oh well.  Anton Yelchin did a good job.

Uhura:  After 40+ years we finally learn her name.  Woot!. Zoe Saldana seemed a tad bit more sexy and outgoing than Nichelle Nichols.  The whole romance between her and Spock threw me off completely but I enjoyed the twist.  I’m glad they made this movie a little “sexier” without turning it into an American Pie in space movie.

Sulu:  Not much to say.  The fencing thing was awesome and definitely was straight from the series however, after sky-diving scene that was pretty much the end of his importance.

Nero:  Strong Villain.  Most of the actors and actresses were pretty much nobodies in this movie so its good they brought in a big name like Eric Bana.  It would have been nice to know more about these miners.  Do all miners from Romulus have tatoos? Do all Romulans from this dimension have bald heads?  Overall Nero was a strong villain.

The Enterprise:  Some shows and movies are based around an inanimate object like a car or something.  For Star Trek, the Enterprise has become a character.  This new ship was a combination of the original Enterprise and the one of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and a few more modifications.  The lines of the ship did give it a retro feel but still make it so much more modern than the old Enterprise.

Romulan Mining Vessel:  Wow! If they were looking for intimidating they were right on the money.  All of the spikes and spires just made it seem mysterious not to mention the Enterprise looked like a bug in comparison.

Overall the I thought this was the best movie I’ve seen since The Dark Knight.  The effects were great.  I have to admit that I hated Cloverfield and when i heard that JJ Abrams was directing Star Trek it scared me.  From the beginning of the movie I noticed the shaky camera but after a while I got use to it and they didn’t overdue it like they did in Cloverfield (which gave me a massive headache).  The film was fast paced, action packed and hopefully revolutionized the film industry.  One of the most shocking moments for me was the destruction of Vulcan.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Planet Vulcan has been such an important planet throughout the franchise that I just couldn’t believe it was gone.

If you want to see something new and different this is the movie for you.  Star Trek has brought a new spark of life to the franchise but at the same time honored the original very well.


~ by Trelane on May 14, 2009.

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