New Star Trek Sound Track

May 5, 2009 marked the release of the Motion Picture Soundtrack for the new Paramount Pictures Summer Blockbuster: Star Trek.

The soundtrack was released for download on as well as the itunes Store by Varese Sarabande.

This new movie has quite a bit of expectations to live up to in relation to past Star Trek movie and television scores.  The main Star Trek fanfare debut in 1966 by Alexander courage has been one of the most recognized music clips of the century.

In 1979 Jerry Goldsmith took the helm for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  Jerry Goldsmith created an entire new theme that really gave the Enterprise a majestic induction for its refit.  This theme was used for The Final Frontier, the last three Next Generation movies, and an altered version for the entire Next Generation series.

Star Trek traditionally has used very classical/orchestral type scores which seemed like it would be out of character for Michael Giacchino who in the past has written very Jazzy sounding scores (Mission Impossible III, Incredibles).  This however was not the case.  Giacchino did a great job sticking to the tradition.

What most people don’t understand, is that this is not just a recreation of the original Star Trek series.  JJ Abrams is a storyteller and this movie is his rendition of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future.  If your a fan looking for the original Star Trek themes to be heard throughout the movie than you will be disappointed.  Don’t be upset.  Giacchino created an entirely original score but for the end credits he did honor the original series by including a new arrangement of Alexander Courage’s original fanfare and theme.

Overall the soundtrack was great.  The action sequences were extremely suspenseful as well as the work done with the low brass.  Having not seen the movie its hard to be 100% sure about how all of the music fits into place.  Giacchino has composed a very heroic theme that is placed throughout the score and from what I understand this is the theme for Jim Kirk.

The strings seem to be very dominant in this score although he brings out the low brass which is not typical for most movie scores.  The end credits really give the trumpets and horns a chance to belt out the Courage theme.

I had high expectations for the score for this movie in light of the past composers.  Michael Giacchino has pleased my ear by not deviating too much from traditional Star Trek scores.  I’m sure when I see the movie tomorrow my mind will be focused on the story line and special effects but it will be interesting to see how the music blends with the film.


~ by Trelane on May 7, 2009.

One Response to “New Star Trek Sound Track”

  1. Good info! Interesting. Now when I get around to seeing the movie, I’ll have something new to listen for.

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