Another Summer

Almost every student in college has plans of getting a job over the summer.  Some of them actually have something lined up while its only wishful thinking for others. Back in the day almost anybody could find a job working part time over the summer.  Unfortunately in this economy most of us don’t have that luxury.  Since there is not much work, what do I do for three months?

Everybody wants to go to fun places over the summer like amusement parks and shows but in this economy it is important to keep recreational costs to a minimum.  Here are some productive activities to do over the summer that will make the fall come quicker.

1. Find Your Textbooks Online – It will save you money but cost you time which is what you want during the summer.     Take your time looking for the lowest price.  E-mail your professors and ask them the name of the book, the edition, authors and other publication info.  This could be an opportunity to sell your old textbooks as well.

2.  Get Involved in Your Church – Besides attending a regular church service, there are other things to do that will  result in self gratification as well as serving God.  Volunteer to help with the children’s programs or helping the grounds keeper.  Your pastor might even let you go with him on a trip to visit sick people in the hospital.  In Florida there are many retired folks and they all like to see young people.

3.  When in Doubt, Throw it Out! – It’s good to have sentimental objects but if you have too many it isn’t special anymore and the person that gave it to you will probably never know.  This is a perfect time to only keep the things you need especially if you are going to be getting your own place.  Use this time to go through your belongings and get rid of things you don’t need.  Ask yourself: Am I ever going to use/wear this again? Do I know somebody that would? Can I get any money for it?

4.  Prepare for Your Career – If you plan on getting a good job after graduation its a good time to tweak your portfolios, update your resumes and begin researching for your future.  This can be an opportunity to be creative and productive at the same time even if your not graduating for a few years.

5.  If You Do Have A Job… – And you like spending money, try setting spending goals.  Allow a certain amount of money for tithing, saving and spending.  Instead of spending money on a bazillion little things, save your money and buy something that could help your future.  For example: A new computer (Mac hopefully), a new camera, new software or maybe even a new car.


~ by Trelane on April 22, 2009.

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