Become a Deviant!

The word deviant is normally used to describe someone who does not follow his/her culture or who is rebelious in following tradition.  When I first heard of Deviant Art, I thought it was some goth, emo site where they displayed pictures of decapitations and other weird attrocities.

Deviant Art is actually a type of social network where people can share artwork, photography, literature and videos with other people.  Like most social networks, users have their very own personal profile where they can share whatever information about themselves that they wish as well as some of their best work.  The profile also allows links to view all of the work submitted by the user.

As far as other users, you can view anybody’s profile as well as leave comments, favorite their work and keep a watch on their recent adds.  If you like a picture you find and the artist has it set up correctly, users can actually order prints of their favorite work.

A Warner student would never want to see a picture of anybody without clothes on so unfortunately some photographers post some rather inappropriate pictures.  There is however good news in that regard.  Deviant Art offers a “mature content filter” for those who have no interest in human anatomy.

Check it out.  Create a profile.  Post your favorite work and if you don’t have anything use it as an opportunity to admire and encourage the work of others. Become a Deviant!


~ by Trelane on April 16, 2009.

One Response to “Become a Deviant!”

  1. You’re awesome. Amen.

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