Blu-Ray? What About My DVD Collection?

One of the biggest questions that movie viewers are facing is whether DVD will continue its reign over home entertainment or if Blu-Ray will dominate the market.

The DVD was introduced into the public giving it a 13+ year run. DVD thrust America into using a digital home entertainment medium. The new format allowed a much larger amount of information to be stored, higher quality video and sound and the ability to use interactive menus with special features.

So what is the big deal with Blu-Ray? Blu-Ray has the advantage of being able to store a much larger amount of information than DVD; about 50 GB. DVD can store just over 4 GB. The latter only stores digital video and audio while the Blu-Ray stores High Definition footage and sound.

Blu-Ray has a lot of good things going for it as well as a lot of bad. Right now our nation is suffering from a terrible economic crisis which makes people more likely to keep their current system. The difference in High Definition quality and digital quality is not as noticeable to most people like it was from VHS to DVD. Right now Blu-Ray players start at around $200 but if they go down significantly in price within the year, people might start buying.

The good news is that most Blu-Ray players also play DVD’s, so you don’t have to replace your collection for a while.

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~ by Trelane on April 13, 2009.

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