Are Fuel Efficient Cars Really the Answer?

Are fuel efficient cars really going to make our nation green?  The answer to that question is simply a test of time.

When gas prices hit over four dollars a gallon last summer, many Americans were in a rush to trade in their SUV for a hybrid.  When your caught up in the moment, getting 50+ mpg sounds like a great way to save the environment and the wallet.

How much energy does it take to make a new car?  For starters, the steel has to be strengthened by super heating it and then re-heating it to put it into shape.  It takes over 150 million joules of energy to make 1kg of plastic.  Since plastic has to be heated to manufacture, think of how much pollution is put into the air from making the plastic pieces on a car.

Americans somehow feel the need to get a new car every couple of years, not even thinking what happened to the old one.  A used car sits on a lot until it is sold.  If the car doesn’t sell, it is given away at an extremely low price to a dumb hillbilly who keeps it in their front yard where it rusts and hurts the environment.  If it is never sold, the car is sent to the junkyard where it also pollutes the environment.

There are cars sitting unused in lots and in junkyards that are perfectly fine but yet we keep buying new ones and adding to the junk pile.  Then we go and pollute the environment more by manufacturing more cars.

The only logical way to deal with this is to keep the car you have until it outlives its usefulness.  We might be saving gas in the short run buying a hybrid but in the long run we are forgetting about our old vehicles and not realizing what its doing to the environment.

Unless you drive a Hummer or F-350, you should think about getting that new car until you really need it.  This might not help out the auto industry but if you care about the environment this is the way to go.

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~ by Trelane on April 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Are Fuel Efficient Cars Really the Answer?”

  1. Cool. So I should keep the car until it drops? Can I expedite the process by running it into a ditch?

  2. This is some great information! Did you know that it takes 2,072 gallons of water to make four new tires. Add that to the population from the plastic and well… the outcome isn’t great.

  3. I wonder where this idea came from 😛
    Great article! Also just a tip, your dig link might have worked if you put it in html mode, at least Mr. Craig says it does!

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