The Best Connection for Your New TV Component

Connecting a TV component such as a DVD player, VCR, or game system can be very easy but there are several different ways to do it.  It really all depends on what kind of TV and components you have, and what kind of quality you are looking for.

S-Video:  S-Video is a connection that carries only a video signal.  This is used when sound is not needed or for connecting a computer to a TV.  S-Video has the lowest signal quality.

RCA:  RCA cables are the most common type.  There is a yellow plug which carries the video signal, white that carries the left audio channel and red that carries the right audio channel.  This connection has a slightly better quality than the S-Video and it allows for two seperate audio signals.

RCA Component:  These are the same as the RCA cables mentioned before with an addition of two cables.  Some component devices have an RCA component capability.  One Red cable is for right channel audio and the white for left channel audio as before.  The video signal is split into three seperate channels.  Each cable handles a different spectrum of colors.  With this video signal being split up, it has the same clarity as regular RCA cables but the colors are more true.

HDMI:  This is the newest and the best of all cables.  HDMI handles 8 digital audio channels and High Definition Video in One cable.  It is recommended that most new DVD players and Blu-Ray Disk players uses this  cable on a high definition TV.  It is also much more aesthetically pleasing to have one cable that 3 or more cables dangling around from behind your TV.

When its time to upgrade your home theater you now have a better understaning of how to get the best quality results out of your system.


~ by Trelane on March 31, 2009.

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