Something is wrong

Beginning last semester at Warner, I have had a problem that has turned me into even more of a Mac person.

Sometime during the fall semester I was working in the library at Warner on the PC computers.  I was using my Ipod as a mass storage drive and had it plugged in for maybe an hour.  I unplugged it and went home, then tried to plug it into my laptop at home.  My computer wouldn’t register it as an Ipod and said that my Ipod was a folder.  Then AVG kept saying that I had a virus.  Somehow my Ipod had a virus on it and I had no idea how.

The Ipod ended up having to be completely erased and the software reinstalled along with all 3000 songs.  The thought never crossed my mind that the virus came from the PC’s at Warner.

After using the computers several times after that I ended up downloading another virus onto my Ipod each time.  Luckily AVG was able to delete the virus instead of a complete OS install again.

Why does this happen?  If it was only plugged in for a short period of time the virus wouldn’t download but if it was in for more than 15 minutes it would.  After asking other people if they had the same problems it turns out that it is just me.  Now, I only use those computers if I absolutely have to.


~ by Trelane on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “Something is wrong”

  1. I don’t think it’s just you. I have been having virus issues as well on my home PC. I actually said last night that I wanted a Mac, if you can believe that.
    Never thought that it might be from all the work from school on the PC’s

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