How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Have you ever worked on something important with your laptop only to notice your batter is about to go?  While the average notebook battery lasts between two and four hours, here are 10 ways to make it last a little longer.

1.  Lower the brightness of your monitor– Your monitor is one of the biggest power gobblers especially at a high setting.  If it is night time or you are in a low light setting you can most likely turn down the brightness without straining your eyes to read the screen.

2.  Only run programs you need–  The more programs you are running in the background that are not important, the more your processor has to work to run them.

3.  Keep the  air vents clear–  The cooling fans will keep running if the air is blocked.  This is especially difficult to consider when your computer is actually on your lap.

4.  Turn the speakers off–  Everybody knows that not listening to music will save the battery but what most don’t know is you should also turn the speakers off.  The speakers being turned on will drain the power even if no sounds are coming out.

5.  Delay the scheduled file maintenance–  The automatic virus scanner and defragger are handy but not necessary, so instead wait until you get home to do this maintenence.

6.  Remove unneeded disks–  A program or music disk in the drive if not used still might be spinning.  The power used to make the disk drive spin is like driving a Hummer up Mount Everest with a trailer on the back.

7.  Use Less Graphics–  Your desktop image, icons, and theme all take up extra memory.  The more you have displayed the more it will guzzle your power.

8.  Install more RAM–  This might be overkill and could cost a pretty penny but the more RAM your system runs on, the less your computer has to work to do everyday tasks.  Not only does this help your batter but it also boosts your computer’s overall performance.

9.  Let it go dead–  If you are the kind of person who keeps your laptop plugged in 99% of the time, this is for you.  Lithium Ion Batteries that are fully charged all the time lose some of their capacity.  Try letting it go almost completely dead occasionally.

10.  No Peripherals–  Peripherals are mostly USB devices that could make life easier but kill battery life.  Some examples would be USB mice, printers, card readers, speakers and cameras.  Even if they have their own power source, it still takes power to send and recieve information from the device.


~ by Trelane on March 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer”

  1. Thanks Trelane! Very helpful!

  2. Good. Where did you get the tips? Any personal anecdotes about lessons learned?

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