Construction or Obstruction?

Warner University professors and commuter students are finding themselves late for class due to the recent construction on U.S. Highway 27.

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has been in the process of repairing and re-paving large sections of 27.  Construction started over a year ago in North Lake Wales ending at the junction of U.S. Highway 60.

Daniel Maya, a student at Warner stated,  “The construction made me ten minutes late for class because traffic was backed up.  I’m glad that the construction is finished for the time being because now it is a lot safer and not so chaotic.  When they were working on the traffic lights there was no law enforcement to direct traffic and it was equally dangerous for commuters traveling on both 27 and side-roads.”

With only one lane of traffic permitted to go through the intersection of Alturas/Babson Park Cut-Off Road and 27 on Monday, getting past the traffic light took much long than it usually would.  On Tuesday the construction was taking place directly in front of the entrance to Warner University.  Many students were forced to take a detour and use side-roads to enter and exit the University.


~ by Trelane on January 29, 2009.

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